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My solutions

My biggest professional focus is to find ways to make my adult students profit more from  the little time they have to study the language. I like to be innovative and combine solutions from different areas to provide them with smart strategies to be more efficient learners.

I’ve been studying cognitive science, the psychology of success, coaching techniques, positive psychology and learning strategies. Combining a little bit of every book I read and my own experience as a learner (I study German), I create workshops to help teachers enhance their classes and offer not only language development, but also strategies to enable students to be more autonomous and more active agents in their learning process.

You can either book a live workshop or choose from the asynchronous options available.

Let your continuous development process take a step further.

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Asynchronous Workshops​

Do your CPD whenever and wherever you want. Choose from the list below and have permanent access to the content:

*Course language is Portuguese.

*Course language is Portuguese.

*Course language is Portuguese.

Live Workshops

Choose from the theme below or tell me your need and I will create a tailor-made workshop to meet your demand:

Get in touch if you want a tailor-made solution for your learners

Or send me a Whatsapp message: mobile: +49 157 8829-6932 (WhatsApp)
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